I have been a woodworker for over 25 years. I am a self-taught designer and craftsman, specializing in traditional hand work. My knowledge of hand tool woodworking has been acquired through a combination of literature research, studying antique furniture and architecture, and hands on time experimenting in the workshop.

For over 15 years, I have done all of my woodworking using only traditional hand tools. Working with hand tools allows me to engross myself in every project and to focus on small details that often go overlooked. My goal is to design and create furniture and other woodwork, as perfectly as possible, using only traditional hand tools. Using only hand tools gives my furniture the slight, almost undetectable signature of hand work that is so highly desired in custom woodworking, yet so difficult to create with machines. This allows my furniture and woodwork to blend in seamlessly with the antique furniture in a traditionally furnished space or the existing woodwork in a restored period home. It also lends itself perfectly to creating a custom, hand crafted, contemporary look that’s just not available in mass produced furniture.

My passion for the craft and my dedication to understanding and passing on the traditional skills of the early tradesmen has also blessed me with the opportunity to introduce and teach traditional hand tool woodworking to others. I teach hand tool woodworking classes, I was a volunteer historic craft interpreter in the joiner’s shop at the Pennsbury Manor museum, I have written numerous articles for woodworking magazines, and I have demonstrated traditional woodworking for various groups and organizations, including the Molland House museum, and the Society of American Period Furniture Makers.

Contact me today, to discuss your custom design, restoration and refinishing of your antique woodwork, or to set up a traditional woodworking demonstration or hand tool woodworking class. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your unique project.

Hand Tool Woodworking by Bob Rozaieski