Sources for Resaw Frame Saw Parts

I’ve received inquiries from multiple readers regarding my version of the Roubo frame saw. Specifically where I got the parts from and how they could make their own. Here are some options from finished saw to completely DIY.

How to Resaw by Hand

If a bandsaw is not available and you need to resaw a board into a thinner dimension, are there ways to do it by hand? Of course there are!

How Much Resawing was Historically Done?

Most historical texts don’t have much to say about the process of resawing, or the tools that would have been used in the joiner’s or cabinetmaker’s shop to perform this task. This usually begs the question, “How did they do it?” However, before we address the question of how they did it, we should first understand IF they did it.

State of the Shop and Tools for Sale

So if you’re not a user of social media, specifically Instagram, you might be wondering what happened to me. Rest assured that I’m alive and well.

Hand Tools for Sale

I have some upcoming projects that I need to prepare for and so I’m selling some of my surplus tools to make room for and fund these projects.

Setting Saw Teeth

How Much Set Should Your Hand Saw Have?

The question of how much set to add to a hand saw is a common one for new saw sharpeners. Tooth set is a critical component to the performance of a hand saw. But how do you know if your saw has the proper amount of set?

In Praise of In-cannel Gouges

I find these tools extremely useful in the work that I do and I think it’s really unfortunate that more people don’t use them.