Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT012 – Making Your Own Hand Tools

On today’s show, I discuss jointer and planer size, fixing problem with old saw handles, methods for cutting down an old saw, restoring wooden bench planes, and making your own tools.

Planing end grain with a metal smooth plane.

Planing End Grain

Do you really need a plane with a low cutting angle to efficiently plane end grain?

Testing the "new" coffin smoother

Tuning a Wooden Hand Plane – Part 1

Before committing too much time to a new wooden plane, I start simply by cleaning the plane and honing the iron to make sure it’s worth putting in additional work.

Adjusting the Lever Cap

How Tight Should the Lever Cap Be?

When the lever cap is properly set, the blade should not move during normal planing, but should be able to be adjusted without having to loosen the lever cap.