Filing New Saw Teeth

Filing New Saw Teeth

Last time, I finished up the construction of the saw. Now all that’s left to do is to file in the teeth.

Shaping a Saw Handle

Making a Tenon Saw – Part 4

At the end of the last post in this series, we were at a point where pretty much all of the difficult, finicky work was behind us. Now we come to the part of the process where we get to relax a little – the shaping of the handle and the final assembly.

Milled back profiles

Making a Tenon Saw – Part 2

Most joinery saws have some kind of back, or spine, to stiffen the blade because the blades on these saws are typically quite thin and could easily buckle without some kind of support.

Cutting the Saw Blade

Making a Tenon Saw – Part 1

All saws need a blade, otherwise they have a hard time cutting wood. So that’s where our saw making process starts.