Setting Saw Teeth

How Much Set Should Your Hand Saw Have?

The question of how much set to add to a hand saw is a common one for new saw sharpeners. Tooth set is a critical component to the performance of a hand saw. But how do you know if your saw has the proper amount of set?

April 2019 Patron Q&A Video

In this video, I discuss miter shooting boards, including the traditional donkey’s ear. I also discuss making a miter joint with spline by hand.

How to Make a Panel Gauge

How to Make a Panel Marking Gauge

My new video on how to make a panel gauge was just posted over on my YouTube channel. This gauge build will be included in the August 2018 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

How to Re-handle a Chisel

How to Re-handle a Chisel

About 6 years ago, I spent a couple of months putting together a set of straight sided firmer chisels for my period tool kit. I sold that set of chisels last year, but I still have a few more that need some new handles.

Adjusting the Lever Cap

How Tight Should the Lever Cap Be?

When the lever cap is properly set, the blade should not move during normal planing, but should be able to be adjusted without having to loosen the lever cap.

measuring saw stroke length

Choosing Hand Saws

Try these tips for sizing a saw to your frame and I’m confident you’ll find the perfect saw for you.