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So I haven’t done any real woodworking since March or April of 2015, and my tools have been in storage since we moved them in May. All of this time off has given me the opportunity to do some serious thinking, planning, and soul searching on a lot of fronts. As a result of the extended break from the shop, and lots of thought about my future, I’ve changed my focus a bit, and therefore have decided to make some changes to my kit.

Now, before anyone asks, I’m not giving up the craft. As I said above, I’m simply refocusing a bit. But this change in focus gives me the opportunity to consolidate and simplify my kit a bit more by selling off some of my excess and unnecessary tools.

I’ll be listing a bench full of tools a little at a time. The tools will all be listed through ebay, starting as early as tomorrow. You can find my active ebay listings by clicking here. As much as I’d prefer to sell them all through the blog here, I’m not Christopher Schwarz and my blog doesn’t have the reach that his does. But I am announcing it here first to give my small readership an opportunity for a first look (feel free to pass on a link to this post if you know someone who might be interested).

Please don’t ask me for a full list of tools and prices. I don’t have the energy to list it all out and then try to come up with a fair price for everything I’m selling.  Instead, feel free to study the picture below (click it to go to the attachment page, then click it again for a larger view). If there’s something specific you’re interested in, let me know and we can arrange something outside of ebay if it hasn’t been listed or sold yet.  If you have a question about a specific item you see in the photo, again, shoot me an email or leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to give you more information on it. Otherwise, keep your eye on my ebay listings at the link above.

A bench full of tools for sale!

A bench full of tools for sale!

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