Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT021 – Working In A Small Shop

On today’s show, I discuss keeping inset cabinet doors aligned, white pine for a workbench top, bevel up vs. bevel down smoothing planes, tongue and groove planes, and tips for working efficiently in a small shop.

Fine Cut Finish Nails

Nails and Screws for Furniture

I have received quite a few requests to publish the list of fasteners that I discussed in episode numbers HTT018 and HTT019 of the podcast. So I’m listing everything out here for easy future reference.

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT020 – Wooden Planes vs. Metal Planes

On today’s show, I discuss using multiple tenons on wide table aprons, making cock beading with hand tools, workbench placement in the shop, edge jointing thick stock, and the pros and cons of the different types of hand planes.