Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT037 – Working with Reclaimed Wood

On today’s show, I discuss  shoulder planes, sanding after hand planing, web frames and dust boards, when to use mechanical reinforcement in your joinery, and working with reclaimed lumber.

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT036 – Starting a Woodworking Related Side Business

On today’s show, I discuss  jointing really long boards, making curved moldings by hand, using thinner lumber to make a thick workbench top, rounding the corners of plane irons, and starting a woodworking related side business.

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT035 – Sliding Dovetails

On today’s show, I discuss  paring yellow pine end grain, using cambered irons to square board edges, making moldings with a combination plane, more on reference surfaces, and sliding dovetails.

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT034 – Proper Use of Reference Surfaces

On today’s show, I discuss  a method for ensuring that large workbench leg mortises are square, controlling rust on items that can’t be stored in a tool chest, saw wrests, and and proper use of reference surfaces.

Boring Straight with a Brace and Bit Using a Square

How to Bore Straight with a Brace & Bit

The more you use your brace and bit in different situations, and at different angles, the better you will get at boring straight by eye. Until you get there, here are a couple of aids you can use that will help you along as you practice.