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I have some upcoming projects that I need to prepare for, so I’m selling some of my surplus tools to make room for and fund these projects. You can find a full list of the tools I’m selling and an option to purchase any of them here.  But below is a very small sampling of what I’m selling. All tools are sold at the price listed plus actual shipping to your door.

Ward In-cannel Gouge – SOLD

Ward 1″ cast steel in-cannel gouge. This gouge has had the works done to it. You can see the restoration of this gouge, and a demonstration of its use  for yourself on the blog or YouTube channel. It has been completely cleaned, given a new 18th/19th century style hickory handle with a burnished beeswax polish, had the bevel reground, and been honed to shaving sharp. This tool is guaranteed to please. Click here for more pictures and to purchase.

Ward In-cannel Gouge

The restoration of this gouge was the subject of a recent series of blog posts and a YouTube video. It’s been rehandled and fully restored to perfect working order.

Gorgeous 1/2″ Firmer Chisel – SOLD

This cast steel firmer chisel is marked, but it’s difficult for me to read the maker’s stamp. Regardless, it’s an absolutely beautiful chisel.  I wish I had a whole set of them. It’s 1/2″ wide with an absolutely gorgeous handle. Sharp and ready for work. Click here for more pictures and to purchase.

1/2" Firmer Chisel

This is an absolutely stunning example of a 19th century firmer chisel. I wish I had an entire set of these.

M. Crannell Jointer Plane – SOLD

M. Crannell jointer or try plane (jointer has a straight iron, try has a cambered iron). The body is beech, 22″ long, with a 2 1/2″ wide laminated cast steel Sandusky Tool Co. iron.  The back of the iron is free from pitting and the iron has been hollow ground nice and straight, ready for you to either hone it straight across (for use as a jointer plane), or slightly camber it to your taste (for use as a try plane). The plane has an unusual inlay in place of the traditional strike button, making it pretty unique. The body has been cleaned and waxed and the plane tuned up. The sole has been flattened, but I can’t guarantee that when it gets to you that the sole won’t need re-flattening (it’s wood, it moves, and I live in a very humid area). But it should take less than a minute to do on some 220 grit sandpaper or using another a very finely set jointer plane. This is an absolutely wonderful plane to use. Click here for more pictures and to purchase.

M. Crannell Jointer Plane

This jointer plane has been a workhorse for me in years past, and still has a lifetime of work left in it.

Pine Mid-sized Tool Chest – $250

This pine tool chest was built based upon a design developed by Roy Underhill for his television show, and then later published in Popular Woodworking Magazine. At 31″ L x 19″ D x 16″ H, it’s a great size for traveling with a modest set of tools. It has two sliding tills, a saw till at the bottom front, a molding plane till at the bottom back, and plenty of room for other planes and larger tools in the middle. Also has a custom holder for a wooden try square, which I will include as well.

This tool chest is not new. It’s a chest I’ve used to take tools to classes and demonstrations, so it does have a few dents, dings and scratches. However, it is a lightweight, hard wearing chest, due to the dovetail construction of the case and the through mortise and tenon construction of the lid. Sliding tills are also dovetailed together with the oak till bottoms nailed on. Till runners are also hard wearing oak. The finish is several coats of Lexington Green milk paint from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co., topped with boiled linseed oil and wax. Tills and runners have also been waxed for effortless sliding. Handles are turned ash finished with boiled linseed oil.

I’m selling this chest at a significant discount over what I would charge for a new one since it has seen several years of use and has some obvious signs of its age. I also can’t ship the chest, so you would need to be able to pick it up. Therefore, if you would prefer to pay cash in person rather than purchase online, that can be arranged as well. Click here for more pictures and to purchase.

Travel Tool Chest

This tool chest has seen a few years of use, but it still has several hundred more in it. It’s a great chest that can be easily lifted and loaded into a car or truck by one person, even when fully loaded with tools.

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