HTT004 – Learning from the Past

On today’s show, I discuss getting back to video podcasting, how flat boards really need to be, resaw frame saws, proportioning project parts, and pre-year 2000 resources for learning traditional woodworking.

From the Shop

  • The reproduction candle box for a new class that I’m teaching this summer is finished.

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  • No feedback this week (come on folks, I want to hear from you!).

The Mailbox

  • Joseph wants to know if I will ever get back to making videos again.
  • Roger is wondering how flat is flat enough when hand planing boards.
  • Jason wants to know how I’m liking my resaw frame saw and if I’d change anything about it.
  • Thomas want to know how to proportion different pieces of a project.

Main Topic

Today’s main topic is resources for learning from the past. Here’s the video and post from The Wood Whisperer that I referenced.

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One Comment

  1. I have a bit of feedback about proportions: After reading “By Hand & Eye,” I made a small tool tray using my hand span to determine its dimensions. Not having to use a tape measure, and still have it turn out correctly, was freeing. I made a small “story stick” with marks at ½, ¼, & ⅓ of my hand span, so that I could easily set a pair of dividers to those measurements in the future.

    As far as potential guests are concerned, Shannon Rogers might be a good one. It’s hard to go wrong with two hand tool enthusiasts. Enjoying the podcast, keep up the good work.


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