HTT011 – Dust Control in the Hand Tool Shop

On today’s show, I discuss tool acquisition as a new woodworker, cutting up old saws, repairing a twisted frame and panel door, accuracy vs. precision, and dust control.

From the Shop

  • Work continues to continue on the four joinery saws I started a couple of weeks ago.

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The Mailbox

  • Justin wants to know what tools to buy next.
  • Rush is considering cutting down an old hand saw to make a panel saw.
  • Jonathon needs help repairing a frame-and-panel door that has a twist.
  • Marcus asks about ensuring that parts are of equal size.

Main Topic

Today’s main topic is dust control (not just dust collection) in the hand tool shop.

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  1. Great show Bob. I would be interested in a class but my work tour schedule would dictate if I would be able to attend. Dutch tool chest, book case, shop appliances (shooting board, bench hook, miter shoot….) all would be great items to build and classes to take. Shop appliances would be a shorter class though and might be a starter class to build on.

    • Thanks! The bench hook/shooting board one was something I was thinking as part of a basic skills class. So the class wouldn’t so much be focussed on building those appliances, but as part of teaching some of the basic skills, those items could be the result. I would have to work out the details of a class like that, but it’s nice to see that someone would find that sort of class useful. It will certainly help when pitching it to the coordinator at the school.

  2. A little late in this discussion but if it helps: I’d love a Saw Restoration class and also saw sharpening seminar. Unfortunately there’s no way I’d be able to travel from Scotland to make it though. I’ve found you saw blog posts really helpful- thanks

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