HTT021 – Working In A Small Shop

On today’s show, I discuss keeping inset cabinet doors aligned, white pine for a workbench top, bevel up vs. bevel down smoothing planes, tongue and groove planes, and tips for working efficiently in a small shop.


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Listener Questions

  • Fred wants to know how to keep the inset cabinet doors aligned in his tool cabinet.
  • Charles wants to know about the suitability of 8/4 white pine for a workbench top.
  • Ryan wants to know if a bevel up smoother will provide any benefits over his current #4.
  • Scott is looking for tips on setting up and using a tongue and groove plane.

Main Topic

Today’s main topic is working efficiently in a small shop space.

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  1. Thanks for your great tips and insights. I’ve really enjoyed you podcasts since discovering them last month

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