HTT042 – Scrapers

On today’s show, I discuss turning saw blades, hybrid filed saw teeth, managing glue in cold weather, auger bit cutter angles, and card scrapers.


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Listener Questions

  • Liam is looking for options for turning saw blades.
  • Nathan needs some information on hybrid saw tooth filing.
  • Randy is wondering about using glue in a cold workshop.
  • Luke has a question about cutter angles on auger bits.

Main Topic

Today’s main topic is about sharpening, using and storing card scrapers.

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your blog post. I found your podcast very insightful to listen to and will be using some of your tips when DYI-ing in the near future!

  2. I teach workshops in bowsaw making ( These are made in an early 19th c style with tapered brass bowsaw pins. I also sell the tapered pins on my website ( A good friend of mine, sawmaker Tom Calisto (, makes the webs for me to my specs and will make webs of any size or tpi, etc.

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