January 2019 Patron Q&A Video

So other than posting the podcast episodes, I haven’t posted much on the blog in recent months. This is primarily because I haven’t done much in terms of woodworking other than working on our new cabin, and producing the podcast. However, I have just recently uploaded the very first Patron Q&A video to my YouTube channel. In it, I answer questions like “How flat is flat enough?”, “What angle do you hone a mortise chisel?”, and I talk about options for saw filing vises.

You can watch the video below or over on my YouTube channel. If you like it, be sure to go over to the YouTube channel and click the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel, because I’ll be doing a new Patron Q&A video every month (at least). I’ll probably post them here too, but if you want to know as soon as a new video comes out, your best bet is to subscribe to the channel on YouTube.

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