Packing Up Again

So the haunted shop strikes again. After getting everything set up the way i wanted it, I finished a few small jobs and then left things dormant due to other priorities. Upon returning to work on finishing a carved box I started before we moved, I was horrified to find rust beginning to take hold on the surfaces of many of my tools.

Being used to a climate controlled space in my old shop, I was aware of this possibility in my new, uninsulated, unheated space. But I was unprepared for the reality. Recently, we’ve been getting some sub-freezing overnight lows. Then, it’s been warming up considerably in the afternoon. With the air in the shop warming considerably faster than the iron, it appears that moisture has been condensing on any exposed metal surface and causing rust.

So today I spent the day cleaning rust off of all of the tools that were exposed on the tool boards and open shelves, oiling them, and then packing up everything that I don’t expect to use until I build the new shop. I don’t expect to do much fine furniture work between now and then anyway. I have to first finish the job of building our new house (I start after the foundation, logs and roof are up), including all of the cabinetry. Then I have to build the new shop, which I intend to do completely on my own, right from the foundation.

So my woodworking will be fairly basic for the next couple of years, requiring only a basic set of tools. Therefore, everything I don’t think I’ll need is oiled, wrapped, and packed in tightly closed containers. The tools I think I’ll be using regularly are in my traveling tool chest.

On the bright side, when I move into the new shop and unpack everything, it should be like Christmas.

Packed Up © Bob Rozaieski Fine Woodworking Custom Furniture & Restoration Woodworking in Independence Grayson County Virginia

After finally getting everything unpacked and organized just a few months ago, it’s back into storage for the majority of my tools.

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