Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT031 – Four Woodworking Myths

On today’s show, I discuss workbenches, butterfly keys, setting up a dado plane, chopping mortises square to the edge of the stock, and four common woodworking myths.

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT028 – Just Questions

On today’s show, I discuss planing the edges of thin stock, dado planes, replacing the blade and chipbreaker in a transitional plane, woods, glues and finishes for outdoor projects, and dealing with wood movement woes.

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT009 – Hand Tool Storage

On today’s show, I discuss period finishes, the chisels that I find most useful in the shop, must have hand tool appliances, and hand tool storage options.

Planing end grain with a metal smooth plane.

Planing End Grain

Do you really need a plane with a low cutting angle to efficiently plane end grain?

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT003 – Power Tools in the Hand Tool Shop

On today’s show, I discuss setting up a shooting board, good hand tool woods, when to stop and sharpen your tools, workbench top thickness, and what power tools make the most sense in a mostly hand tool shop.