Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT009 – Hand Tool Storage

On today’s show, I discuss period finishes, the chisels that I find most useful in the shop, must have hand tool appliances, and hand tool storage options.

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT008 – Teaching Woodworking Classes

On today’s show, I discuss planing the end grain of a thick board at an angle, Auriou carving tools, making a frame for a glass panel, fixing miscut mortise and tenon joints, and the dos and don’ts of teaching woodworking classes.

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT004 – Learning from the Past

On today’s show, I discuss getting back to video podcasting, how flat boards really need to be, resaw frame saws, proportioning project parts, and pre-year 2000 resources for learning traditional woodworking.

Adjusting the Lever Cap

How Tight Should the Lever Cap Be?

When the lever cap is properly set, the blade should not move during normal planing, but should be able to be adjusted without having to loosen the lever cap.