Hand Saw Sharpening Guides

Whether you use a wooden block or a commercial version is a personal decision, but some kind of guide is definitely a big help when sharpening saws.


Sharpening Center Bits

A properly sharpened center bit should bore a clean hole with no chipping around the edge. Here’s how to get there when your bits don’t.

Post and Rung Chair

Thinking About Chairs

The last time I attempted to make a chair, things didn’t go so well. Maybe I’ll have better luck this time around?


Cleaning & De-rusting Hand Saws

Rust on a saw blade makes for a dirty cut, a saw that sticks in the kerf, and teeth that just won’t get as sharp as they can be. For a saw to perform at its best, the blade should be clean, free of rust, and smooth. Here’s a tried and true process for cleaning up just about any old saw.


Home Center Lumber

The dilemma of home center lumber. We’ve all heard from the curmudgeons who would never buy their lumber from a home center and are appalled that anyone else would either. But is home center lumber really that evil?