In Praise of In-cannel Gouges

I find these tools extremely useful in the work that I do and I think it’s really unfortunate that more people don’t use them.

June 2019 Patron Q&A Video

In this video, I discuss reference faces and edges, combination planes, dado planes, and rabbet planes.

Repairing a Mis-cut Rabbet

It is often said that the true mark of a master is that they can repair and hide their mistakes in such a way that they are invisible to the observer. I tend to disagree with this cliché.

Hand Tools & Techniques Podcast

HTT052 – Hand Saws for Curves

On today’s show, I discuss holding small stock for plowing grooves, long planes with narrow irons, frame saw vs. bandsaw for resawing, flattening wooden hand planes, and hand saws for sawing curves.