Traditional Hand Tool Woodworking Classes

Foundations of Traditional Woodworking

Hand Tools, Exercises, and Projects for the Complete Beginner

While it may take some time and practice on your part to become fluent and efficient using hand tools, the time spent learning these skills will be well worth it in the long run. If you're just getting started on your journey to becoming a woodworker, learning to use hand tools right from the beginning will provide you with the opportunity to build a solid foundation of good techniques and work habits that will benefit you in all aspects of the craft. If you already have some experience using machines and hand-held power tools, learning to use hand tools will help you to refine your skill set and will liberate you from the limitations that many machines and power tool impose, allowing you to take your craft to the next level.

The Foundations of Traditional Woodworking series of classes has been designed to introduce the new or intermediate woodworker to the use of traditional hand tools. Through this series of classes, the student will develop important, fundamental skills with hand saws, hand planes, chisels, and layout tools, as well as the most important skill of all – sharpening. Each class consists of a combination of demonstration, hands-on exercises, and projects designed around the class focus, so students will enjoy plenty of hands-on time with the tools.

While these classes may be taken in any order, our recommendation is to follow the progression below as skills learned in earlier classes will not be covered in detail in subsequent classes. Click below for a detailed description of each class in the series.

FTW101 - Hand Saw Foundations

FTW102 - Hand Plane Foundations

FTW103 - Basic Joinery Foundations

FTW104 - Dovetail Foundations

FTW105 - Mortise & Tenon Foundations

FTW106 - Single Drawer Side Table

Private Classes

Private Woodworking ClassPrivate classes are the best way to get personalized instruction on the topics of your choosing. Private classes may be skill focused or project based, depending upon your goals and desires. The beauty of a private class is that the curriculum, duration, and timeline are all completely customized to your needs and schedule, and the instruction is all one-on-one.

Private classes are held at my home shop in rural southwestern Virginia at the rate of $25 per person per hour for up to two students at a time. Materials fees are extra when the materials for the class are supplied by me.

My personal hand tools are always available for use, however, it is recommended that you bring your own tools if possible. I can provide a tool list based upon the curriculum for the class. For introductory classes, it may be more appropriate to wait until after the class before purchasing tools.

If you are interested in a private class, please contact me to discuss your specific needs and goals.