Single Drawer Side Table

$ 850.00

Foundations of Traditional Woodworking Series

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Tuition: $850

Materials Fee: $100

Class Overview:
This class takes all of the skills learned and practiced in the previous Foundations classes and puts them all together to make an elegant piece of heirloom furniture. Click here to learn about the other classes in this series.


At its most basic level, making furniture can be seen as nothing more than using different forms of joinery to combine several pieces of wood into something beautiful and functional. If you have taken the earlier classes in the Foundations series, then you should now have the skills necessary to make the required joinery to build basic furniture. This class aims to put all of those skills together.

In this class you’ll use the basic skills that you learned in the earlier foundations classes to make a classic, single drawer side table. You’ll use mortise and tenon joinery to make the table base. You’ll use through dovetails, half-blind dovetails, and grooves to make the drawer. You’ll use your hand plane to refine the tapers of the legs, fit the drawer to the opening, and prepare the surfaces of the individual parts for finishing. You’ll also be introduced to the bandsaw – a valuable addition to the small workshop.

While there are no required prerequisites, this class does combine the fundamental skills learned and practiced in the previous Foundations classes. As such, due to the limited time permitted, the individual skills will not be covered in detail in this class. Therefore, if you are a complete beginner, or are not at least somewhat confident in your ability to use hand saws and chisels, and make dovetail and mortise and tenon joinery with hand tools, we recommend taking the classes covering these individual skills before attempting to take this class, as the pace of this class will be somewhat faster than earlier classes in this series.

Topics Covered

  • How to Choose Appropriate Joinery
  • The Basics of Table Construction
  • Tapering Table Legs
  • Drawbored Mortise & Tenon
  • Double Mortise & Tenon
  • The Basics of Drawer Construction
  • Through & Half-blind Dovetails
  • Fitting Drawers to a Case
  • Furniture Assembly

Course Features

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  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 5 Days
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes
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I'm a passionate woodworking enthusiast of over 30 years, with an interest in the methods of pre-industrial joiners and cabinetmakers. I'm a furniture maker, teacher, and author, and I share my thoughts and experiences with the goal of educating and inspiring others who are pursuing the craft of traditional woodworking. In addition to writing about and teaching traditional woodworking, I also build commission pieces for customers, and speak at woodworking shows and seminars.


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