Frequently Asked Questions

Online Courses

No. The project notes and Sketchup files included with the video purchase are intended for use with the video series and are not available separately.
No. At this time we are offering our premium online courses via streaming video only. We do not offer the option to download the video files.
Our online video projects are 100% digital media. Therefore, once you have purchased the product, we cannot provide a refund.
Each project landing page details what is included with that particular project. Inclusions vary by project, however, most projects include a set of detailed project notes (parts and materials lists, detailed drawings, recommended tools), and detailed instructional videos.
No. The videos are only available streaming at this time.
Your will have access to the plans and videos as long as this site continues to exist. Your access never expires. If for some reason this site is shut down, we will notify you in advance and provide you with an option to download all of the video files that you have access to prior to site closure.
Purchasing online ensures that you will have instant access to the downloadable files and streaming videos as soon as your payment is processed. Paying by check will delay approval of your access until the payment has been received and cleared. If you would prefer to send a check for payment, please contact me prior to doing so.

Traditional Classes

For classes that occur at my shop, online purchase is provided as an optional convenience for students who would prefer to use an online payment gateway. Offline payments for traditional in-person classes are gladly accepted via cash or check on the day of your class.

For classes scheduled to take place at another location, please consult the school or venue's registration and payment requirements as they typically handle the registration and payment.

You are certainly welcome to bring your own safety equipment. However, extra safety glasses, hearing protection and dust masks are available for your use in the event that we need to use machinery or power tools for your class. In most cases, we will only be using hand tools, so, other than safety glasses, safety equipment should not be required.

For classes that take place at my personal shop, it is not necessary for you to bring your tools. I will have all of the tools required for your class. However, you may choose to bring some or all of your own tools so that you can become more familiar with them as this will be beneficial after the class when you are back in your own shop.

For classes that take place at another location, most schools will typically have some hand tools for all of the students, however, many times, the number of hand tools will be limited. Therefore, I do recommend that you bring your own tools if you have them to avoid having to wait for a tool to be available from another student. This is especially important for specialized tools like joinery planes.

In most cases, materials will be provided. The materials fee for each class is specified in the class description on the landing page for each class and is included in the total price of the class. Custom private classes may or may not include materials and a related materials fee. Materials and materials fees for custom private classes will be discussed during the class design and registration process.

For classes that take place at my personal shop, we try to provide lunch. This typically consists of sandwiches, salads, chips, soft drinks, coffee, etc. If you prefer, you are certainly welcome to bring your own lunch. A full kitchen (no microwave) is available if something needs to be heated or refrigerated. If you have special dietary restrictions, please let us know at least a week ahead of time, or plan to bring your own lunch.

For classes that take place at other locations, in most cases, lunch is not provided. However, please consult the school or venue's web site to confirm.

If you need to cancel a class that is scheduled to take place at my personal shop, please try to let me know at least 2 weeks in advance. In most cases, with sufficient notice, a full refund, including materials fees can be provided. If the cancellation is less than two weeks from the scheduled class date, materials fees may not be refundable.

For classes scheduled to take place at other locations, please consult the school or venue for their cancellation policy as registration is typically handled by them.

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