HTT002 – Hand Tools on a Budget

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On today’s show, I discuss hiding grooves in dovetailed drawers, building a period style overlay drawer with a thumbnail molding, black stains on wood, modifying basic joinery for special situations, and starting out with hand tools on a limited budget.

From the Shop

  • I’m working on a reproduction candle box for a new class that I’m teaching this summer.
  • We made some minor progress on the log cabin.

New Supporters

Thanks to Bill Warnock for signing up to support the show over at Patreon.


  • Jonathon commented that the volume level of episode 1 seemed a bit low. So I’d appreciate it if you all let me know if things improve with this week’s show.

The Mailbox

  • Scott wants to know how to layout the groove in a drawer to house the drawer bottom.
  • Bill wants to know how to build a period style overlay drawer with a thumbnail molding.
  • John is interested in how woods react with each other and with tools.
  • Marc wants to know how and when to modify basic joinery.

Main Topic

Today’s main topic is ten tips for starting out with hand tools on a budget.

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