HTT006 – Motivation

On today’s show, I discuss set on hand saws, auger bits for softwoods and hardwoods, spring pole lathes, shopping for used tools, and staying motivated to work in the shop.

From the Shop

  • I spent the last couple of weeks just about exclusively working on the new log cabin.

New Supporters

No new supporters this week, but thanks to Arkadiusz Cwikowski, Bill Warnock, Krister K., Lawrence Pylinski, and Jeff Skiles for your continued support on Patreon.


  • Mark Williams had some feedback on Sean’s problem with drilling end grain from episode 5.
  • Jonathon Jongsma sent in some feedback on working with kids in the shop.

The Mailbox

  • Anonymous wants some tips on using a saw with no set.
  • Jacob asks about different auger bits for hardwoods and softwoods.
  • Jamie is looking for more information about building and using a spring pole lathe.
  • Chris wants to hear some tips on shopping for old tools.

Main Topic

Today’s main topic features your tips for getting and staying motivated in the shop.

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