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M. Crannell jointer or try plane (jointer has a straight iron, try has a cambered iron). The body is beech, 22″ long, with a 2 1/2″ wide laminated cast steel Sandusky Tool Co. iron.  The back of the iron is free from pitting and the iron has been hollow ground nice and straight, ready for you to either hone it straight across (for use as a jointer plane), or slightly camber it to your taste (for use as a try plane). The plane has an unusual inlay in place of the traditional strike button, making it pretty unique. The body has been cleaned and waxed and the plane tuned up. The sole has been flattened, but I can’t guarantee that when it gets to you that the sole won’t need re-flattening (it’s wood, it moves, and I live in a very humid area). But it should take less than a minute to do on some 220 grit sandpaper or using another a very finely set jointer plane. This is an absolutely wonderful plane to use.

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