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English Workbench


There are a lot of different styles of workbenches used for woodworking. None of them is perfect. Every design has its pros and cons. I tend to be more of the opinion that a workbench is a place to do work. In my eyes, a workbench doesn’t need to be an expensive alter for the hand tool gods, or a flashy showpiece that I’ll be afraid to scratch. So I designed and built this workbench to handle all of the hard work that I ask a workbench to do, but also so that I wouldn’t mind when it inevitably gets glue or stain on it, when it gets cut by a saw or chisel, or when it gets banged and dented by a dropped tool or project part. This workbench is designed to work. Nothing more.

What You’ll Get

  • A Sketchup file of the project.
  • Over 2 hours of detailed video instruction showing you how to build the project.

Topics Covered

  • How to design a workbench for your body and the work that you do
  • How to build a solid workbench base that won’t rack or wobble
  • How to make a workbench top that is rigid and flat
  • Options for vises and workholding
  • Revisiting the workbench after 1-year of use to see how it’s been holding up

Course Features

  • Lessons 6
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 2 Hours 2 Minutes
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English
  • Students 83
  • Assessments Yes

I'm a passionate woodworking enthusiast of over 30 years, with an interest in the methods of pre-industrial joiners and cabinetmakers. I'm a furniture maker, teacher, and author, and I share my thoughts and experiences with the goal of educating and inspiring others who are pursuing the craft of traditional woodworking. In addition to writing about and teaching traditional woodworking, I also build commission pieces for customers, and speak at woodworking shows and seminars.


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