HTT005 – Kids in the Workshop

On today’s show, I discuss scraping chisels, drawer slips, bits for boring into end grain, starting the cut with a hand saw, and working with kids in the shop.

From the Shop

  • Nothing new has gone on in the shop since I finished the candle box.
  • I’m asking for some listener participation for the next episode of the podcast. Leave me a voicemail or send me a voice memo and tell me how you get motivated to get back out into the shop when you’re in a bit of a slump.

New Supporters

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  • Andy Margeson posted a really nice write-up on the most recent episode of the podcast over on his blog Oregon Woodworker.

The Mailbox

  • Krister is curious about using a chisel as a scraper.
  • Doug wants to know about using drawer slips.
  • Shaun is looking for bits for boring into end grain. I referenced my article on sharpening auger bits.
  • Paul is looking for tips on starting the cut with a hand saw.

Main Topic

Today, my two daughters join me for a discussion on working in the shop with kids.

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